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Modafinil Prescription Rules

Modafinil Prescription Rules – Schedule IV And Controlled Substances

In Australia drugs are classified under different Schedules as per the Poisons Standard which is governed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration or TGA. In the US the system is very similar with the FDA and with the UK its very similar with the NHS.

Modafinil is classified as a schedule IV or schedule 4 drug which means that you are required to have a valid prescription to have it. Unlike controlled substances which are outright illegal (think heroin, or prescription drugs like morphine), schedule 4 prescription medication has significantly less laws governing it.

Why Modafinil And Provigil Requires A Prescription

Most of the laws and regulations are to stop practitioners from dishing out prescription drugs, and to stop pharmacists from dispensing medications without prescriptions. The laws are to stop people in these ‘positions of power’ from abusing the system for their personal gain. The laws aren’t setup to penalise people taking the medications without the prescription.

The age old saying is that the cops go after the dealers, not the buyers. Obviously they want to take out the biggest pipe in the pipeline so they spend their time patching up the holes in the big supplier chains like doctors and pharmacists.

Is Modafinil On The PBS / Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

Modafinil is on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme or PBS (or the equivalent Medicare or Medicaid in other countries) but it is only covered if you legitimately have narcolepsy. Of course you need a real prescription to claim this and most times you have to purchase through accredited pharmacies in your locations. So for the most part, no, if you are buying from online suppliers you won’t be able to claim this… BUT…

Generally it is cheaper to buy modafinil online without a prescription than it is to get a prescription and buy modafinil in your own country anyway, even if you get a PBS rebate! It’s pretty stupid I know, but that’s the global economy for you!

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