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Modafinil is a powerful drug and the worldwide demand for this is increasing every year. More and more people are finding out about it and want to try it. Most of the people using modafinil are actually using it for performance enhancing effects and don’t have the typical clinical conditions like excessive daytime sleepiness.

With so many people going online to buy genuine modafinil without a prescription no doubt there have been some dodgy scammers looking to prey on them. Many pharmacies online advertising modafinil are actually rip off merchants and will scam you. Be careful.

The most typical way to get scammed is the pharmacy will actually ship you some pills – usually caffeine pills – so when you take them you get all awake and think its modafinil. But these are really a scam. Real modafinil will keep you awake for 16 hours or more, where caffeine will just help out for an hour on two.

Plus, modafinil feels nothing like caffeine. Modafinil is smooth where caffeine is rough and harsh. Genuine modafinil gives you seemingly unlimited physical and mental capacity, where caffeine just ‘helps out’ a bit.

Different Names For Genuine Modafinil

Different people think different things, that’s what makes them different. Some people think that genuine modafinil is in fact brand named modafinil like Provigil.

It is true that Provigil is genuine modafinil.

Others understand that modafinil is a drug and Provigil is a brand name. So you can get genuine modafinil under a different brand name, like Modalert, Modapro, Modiodal, Alertec etc

When I say genuine I mean that its ‘not fake’. So when I say genuine modafinil I mean ‘real modafinil’. I don’t care what stupid brand name is whacked on top of it, I want the active ingredient to be modafinil.

That’s the frame of mind I suggest you take when looking to buy modafinil. Who cares about the brand name, you care about ‘is the drug modafinil and is it real!?’